29 Black-Owned Non-Profits Making A Difference

Black people have a $1.1 trillion collective buying power! Black people have the power to make our communities greater, and we can find the resources to grow our buying power. Black people have a history of philanthropy that spans back to the 60’s and here are a few organizations that you can contribute to for creating more opportunity.

Here are 29 Black organizations making a difference in the world:

1. African American Planning Commission

2. The Association of Black Psychologists

3. Joint Center for Political and Economic Studies

4. Girls Going Global

5. Girls Empowerment Summit

6. Uniquely You Summit

7. National Coalition of 100 Black Women

8. Black Girls Code

9. International Jazz Day Foundation

10. Black Mother’s Forum

11. TigerMountain Foundation

12. Sounds Academy

13. Common Ground Foundation

14. The Trayvon Martin Foundation

15. The Pennsylvania Prison Society

16. Blackout For Human Rights

17. Incite!: Women of Color Against Violence

18. Audre Lorde Project

19. National Black Justice Coalition

20. We Are Here

21. Million Hoodies

22. Color of Change

23. Black Youth Project

24. Bottom of Form

25. #Cut50

26. The Innocence Project

27. My Brother’s Keeper

28. Black Women’s Blueprint

29. The Empowerment Program

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